Exchange studies abroad

Going on study exchange is a popular and fairly easy way to go abroad. There is a myriad of exchange programs on offer both to secondary and tertiary level students, and especially higher education institutions usually have great connections to institutions abroad, when it comes to exchange study possibilities. Combing through the options is time consuming, so we did some research to help you start looking for your exchange study program - please read on for information about programs for secondary and tertiary level exchange studies! 

Many secondary level students go on exchange for a full academic year. This might delay graduation at home by a year, but the experience will surely pay that back in the form of new friends and improved language skills. Some schools operate with Nordplus to facilitate exchange programs with other high schools or vocational schools in the Nordics or in the EU; asking your guidance counselor about exchange study possibilities within the Nordplus program is a great place to start! Erasmus+ offers youth exchange to youth of 13 to 30 years of age; these exchanges take place outside the school environment and aim to bring together youth from different countries to bond. For exchange studies that last for several months or an entire academic year, check out YFU, STS and EF

Higher education students have abundant options to choose from when it comes to exchange studies. Most universities and UASs already operate on the Erasmus+ program, and often also have exchange agreements with individual higher education institutions abroad. The options at your institution are limited, and it's always a great option to also look for an exchange study place independently. Why not check out KILROY? KILROY cooperates with a number of universities in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and Japan, for example. If you'd like to spend your exchange year exploring Asia, check out the exchange destinations with Asia Exchange. Please note that when you are going on a Freemover exchange, that is, you are looking for an exchange program independently, you are responsible for tuition fees and other expenses during your exchange. Read our article about scholarships and grants to help fund your exchange studies abroad.  

Your exchange year is likely to be one of the best experiences as a student, and you'll surely make memories (and friends) that last a lifetime. There's a good deal of destinations on offer, so start browsing and get the process rolling: it's time to head to exchange!