About ISIC

International Student Identity Card is the only globally accepted student ID allowing you to prove your official student status and make the most of over 150.000 student discounts, benefits, and services across 130 countries around the world.

Welcome to ISIC, an international student community with more than five million student members worldwide. All ISIC benefits are hand-picked to accommodate the everyday needs of a student and to make the most of your student life. 

Since 1953 ISIC has aimed to improve intercultural understanding, increase educational opportunities and facilitate student life across the globe. Although travel and other benefits encouraging student mobility will always remain central, students with an ISIC ID gain preferential and discounted access to over 150,000 products, services, and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life. With ISIC, you receive discounts on public transportation, educational courses, software licenses, and magazine subscriptions to music streaming, shops, cafes, restaurants, festivals and events, theme parks, flight tickets, UNESCO world heritage sites, and more! 

ISIC student ID is available to all students over the age of 12, regardless of nationality, and is represented in every corner of the world. The digital ISIC sits conveniently in your mobile phone in the ISIC App, ready to benefit you at home and on your travels wherever you are in the world! 


ISIC student ID ensures your student time is more convenient, more affordable, and provides more opportunities when studying at home and adventuring abroad. 


The global ISIC Association

ISIC Iceland is a member of The ISIC Association, which is the non-profit organization behind International Student Identity Card (ISIC). ISIC Association's mission is to provide all students an equal opportunity to prove their student status around the world.

Furthermore, ISIC student ID and ISIC Association have been endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1968, and remains a part of your ISIC ID (see UNESCO's temple on your ISIC student ID). ISIC is also supported by a wide range of national governments, ministries of education and tourism, student organizations, and universities worldwide. Read more about the ISIC Association here and dice deeper into the history of ISIC here.