About ISIC

ISIC, The International Student Identity Card allows students to prove their official student status and make the most of student benefits and discounts across 130 countries around the globe.


ISIC is for YOU and more than five million other students worldwide. The ISIC card offers over 150.000 different discounts, services and benefits both locally and across the globe. They are all hand picked to accommodate the everyday needs of students.


“The ISIC student card should be present from the minute a student

wakes up until the day comes to an end. It should offer students

opportunities when studying at home and when abroad. It should in

other words be a student card that ensures that students will get the most

out of their budgets, everyday - everywhere.” - ISIC mission statement


Although the ISIC card is more than 60 years old it continues to serve student needs across the globe. The ISIC card is available to all student over the age of 12, regardless of nationality, race, gender or religion. The ISIC family is constantly growing and is issued to more than 5 million students each year. The ISIC card is represented in every corner of the world. From Greenland to Australia and in more than 130 other countries.

Since 1953 we have aimed to improve intercultural understanding, increase educational opportunities and facilitate student life across the globe. To achieve our goals have been endorsed by UNESCO and we constantly work on partnering up with educational institutions and benefit partners to help us achieve our goal.