Become an ISIC benefit partner

Increase the awareness of your company and brand in the student community by offering student benefits to ISIC cardholders.

Offering student discounts and benefits means you can begin to build brand loyalty with these important customers of the future.

ISIC benefits – and therefore your products – are promoted through different forms of marketing to students, targeting millions of students around the world through the ISIC websites and social media platforms. Find out more about advertising opportunities

Build your brand image:
Partnering with ISIC tells a number of positive things about your company, brand and product:

  • You take students seriously and care about their personal development.
  • You are associated with respected organizations, which have endorsed ISIC, including UNESCO, the EU and national governments.
  • You are guaranteed to target students (we can guarantee that only students access the benefits you offer ISIC cardholders. All ISIC cards have a unique serial number stored in our database, which means that the ISIC Association can provide partners with online card validation.
A partnership as benefit partner to ISIC Iceland:
  1. Offers marketing through the online discount platform including positioning on our website both locally and globally
  2. Can annually expose your organization or business to up to 5 million cardholders worldwide
  3. Enables your business to offer students benefits 
  4. Targets cardholders with your message towards 4.5 million ISIC cardholders who potentially are traveling to Iceland from abroad and who uses the ISIC directory as a reference guide for discounts
  5. Enjoy the benefits of website advertising on our website and placement in the ISIC discount directory
  6. Our cardholders can search for discounts by city/country and category to narrow down on the offers that are right for them
  7. When a member clicks on your listing, a “detailed description” will display. This will allow you to distinguish your business from competitors. A link can also be added at no cost that will allow our cardholders to visit your homepage.
  • 75% of cardholders are 19-25 years old
  • 58% female / 42% male
  • 96% of student cardholders are in their tertiary level of education
  • 83% of cardholders are satisfied with their card and would buy another one

Join the ISIC Benefit partner program:

  1. Contact ISIC Iceland to discuss the type of benefit you would like to offer our ISIC cardholders (2 for 1, min. 10% discount or other) 
  2. Contact ISIC Iceland regarding your services, locations, and business information
  3. Provide ISIC Iceland us with your logo, graphics and content
  4. Enjoy your status as ISIC benefit partner and reach out to students nationally and globally!