Apply for a grant or scholarship to boost your studies, internship or volunteering abroad!

Scholarships and grants

Studying or doing an internship abroad might be pricey, if you alone bear the economic burden. To many students aspiring to study abroad the price of the semester or internship period abroad is commonly one of the main things stopping young people from going abroad and fulfilling their international dreams. We at ISIC want to encourage students and young people to travel and live, study and work abroad, which is why we've done our research and collected a number of sources and providers for you to help fund your time abroad!

There are many industries, institutions, foundations and companies that want to enhance your chances of obtaining international experience, and are giving out grants and scholarships to students and youngsters. Check them out and find the one to give you a boos to your time abroad!

Where do I find scholarships and grants?


Fulbright offers scholarships and scholarship programs to the US. The Leifur Eiríksson Foundation also enhances academic exchange between Iceland and the US. You'll also find grants, scholarships, fellowship and internship programs between Scandinavia and the US from The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF). For Nordic studies and programs, look for funding from Norden. For studies in the EU, check out the funding options of Erasmus+ programs. Below you'll find a list of different foundations, institutions and companies offering scholarships and grants for studying, volunteering and doing an internship abroad.

The European Youth Portal also offers information about the grants and scholarships available in Europe. For scholarships outside Europe, check out Scholarship Portal.


How to apply for a scholarship or grant?

Grants and scholarship can be highly industry specific and some are granted only to applicants who precisely fill the requirements. Others are tied to a certain faculty or subject, while some are directed only at studies at a Higher Education institution, e.g. universities, polytechnics and universities of applied sciences. There are other criteria, too; the Global Study Awards requires a successfully passed IELTS English language test and a valid ISIC card.

Some grants are available regardless of the level of studies or majoring subject. That being the case, it's especially important to draft a good plan and application to make sure you get the grant you are after! First, it's important to make sure you fit the criteria of the grant. Then, draft a clear plan on how you are going to use your grant and how that fits the theme and requirements of the grant. When you are writing your application, bring out how this grant will take you forwards, help fulfill your dreams and enhance your expertise. Why is this grant necessary to you? Why is your project important and meaningful, and how is it tied to the grant? Scholarships and grants are hard to get and there are hundreds and thousands of other applicants; with a clear plan and showcasing your motivation and potential your chances on receiving the grant are enhanced. So make sure you take time to draft your plan and goals! 

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