Make student life easier and strengthen your skills with online courses. Check out our tips to where to easily find the online course to add to your skill set!

Enhance your skills with online courses

Are you the type who is a little too dependent on your friends in your study group being masters of Excel and making delicious designs in Photoshop? You can become that expert too, with online courses! There are plenty of courses available online to help you get better in all programs - just choose what you want to get better at! Taking an online course on a topic that interests you will not only make your studies easier, but also add to your professional skills and knowledge. 

We have found a number of providers that offer online courses, and some of them are for free (sweet!). Check them out! 

Microsoft Office package

As a student, you are definitely familiar with the Office suite, but do you really get the full benefit out of it? Probably not. Most students have access to the Office Package from their school, and it is worthwhile learning to use these programs fluently while you are still studying and can operate a free student account from school. If you are having trouble or you've got a few unanswered questions about how to get to a good start with the Microsoft Office package, check out Microsoft's Office 365 Training Center for tips and tricks. 

Remember, that as an ISIC card holder, you also enjoy a 10 % student discount on Microsoft products, including the Office subscription. 

Web development and programmin languages

Are you interested in basic programming, or do you know that it will be something that will be required of you in your working life? If your current curriculum does not include any studies in web development or programming languages, it may be worthwhile to educate yourself a little on the matter on your own. Check out the extensive selection that Udemy has to offer on web development and programming languages, and pick up the course(s) you think would go best hand in hand with your current studies and professional goals. 

Also, in many fields of work, a basic knowledge of HTML is either recommended or expected, so why not learn some HTML or brush up on your knowledge? Check out some free HTML online courses here.

Microsoft Imagine 

With Microsoft Imagine, you can try your hand at some of the programs that professional IT people sit and work with on a daily basis. For example, you can try Microsoft Azure, which is perfect for you who process a lot of data in your work, and you can also download Microsoft Imagine software used to make apps and games and become part of online communities using the same software.

Remember that you can operate a free account with your ISIC card here.

Strengthen your skills

Online courses rarely have country borders limiting them, so you will find a wide range of courses online from various providers and institutions all over the world. Needless to day that there is a myriad of courses and topics to choose from. See, among others, the following pages that have huge selection:

  • Coursera. Here you will find almost 1000 courses from some of the world's leading universities, including Stanford, Yale and Princeton, and ranging from one off online courses to completing a degree online. 
  • edX. At edX, there are about 500 online courses, especially in business and leadership, done in collaboration with some of the best universities in the world, including MIT, Harvard and Berkeley.
  • Alison provides a variety of courses - so brush up on your skills in online marketing, mathematics, photography, languages, Adobe programs and many more fields.

Please note that the majority of these courses are offered in English!

Language courses

If you are a language student, it is not always that Excel and Photoshop fill the most in everyday life. Fortunately, there are also online language courses - and some of them come with a nice ISIC student discount! Check out the 90 days online English course with EF for FREE, 15 % student discount on New English Academy professional English courses and 35 % student discount on Ethichal TEFL teaching English courses

Check your student union and faculty

It is a good idea to investigate whether you can access free online courses through your student union, your school or your faculty, as some of them offer free courses to their students and members. If you are already a member of a workers' union, check with them as well - they usually have a selection of courses available for their members either for free or at a discounted rate to boost your professional skills.