Student's Europe - Why Europe is the best destination for student travelling

For their first trip abroad alone, many students travel to another European country. Europe is a highly satisfying student travel destionation even if you are an experienced globe-trotter. Distances are short, there are a dozen buzzing big cities, incredible history and stunning nature... The only problem in Europe is that there's simply too much to see and do! 

Fantastic destinations with short distances

In Europe, it's easy to visit your neighbours. Even if you've only got a few days to spare, you can squeeze in a few countries and a handful of "must see" destinations and student cities, like Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam. The continent's extensive rail network allows you to visit all of these fabulous cities within a week (although you may find yourself a bit rushed!). 

Opiskelijan Eurooppa

Europe has a tons of great destinations within a short distance from one another.

Fabulous student cities

Europe is a student's continent when it comes to both studies and travelling. The old continent boast a myriad of beautiful, historical university cities and towns. Many of these cities are practically empty during the summer, so you'll enjoy cheaper accommodation and crowd-free sights! Experience the charm of Maastricht, Salamanca or Nottingham during your summer break. Smaller cities are usually more tourist-free, leaving you in peace to see the local way of life. 

Moving around? Easy. Flights, trains, buses all at your disposal! 

An Interrail pass is pretty much everything a backpacker can wish for. "Interrailing" by bus is also a popular opinion and can also save you a penny or two; as an ISIC cardholder, you enjoy a student discount on FlixBus tickets in Europe. If you want to get to your starting point quickly, consider booking a flight to your destination and hop on the train or bus once you've set foot on the continent (works also on the way back: fly to for example Berlin to start and fly back home from Madrid!). Because the distances are easily covered on land, you can basically take the flight to wherever it's most affordable and start your interrail from there. Check out student flight tickets to Europe; these tickets are usually cheap and luggage is also always included in your student flight ticket. 

Opiskelijan Eurooppa

Travelling by train in Europe is easy, efficient and also treats the traveller with spectacular views along the way! 

Affordable destinations

Even though there are loads of must-see destinations in Europe, it's worth bearing in mind, that each one of them will have their fair share of travellers especially during peak seasons like the summer months. Prices for flights and accommodation also soar during the busy season. A budget conscious student travels to less crowded, smaller cities and affordable countries. The hottest destinations for students at the moment are for example Portugal, Greece and countries in the Balkan countries. 

The best student discounts

Europe is the mostly densely populated continent when it comes to student discounts. There are student discounts on travelling, accommodation, food and drink, museums, theatre, clothes... You name it! When travelling to Europe, don't leave your ISIC card at home! 

Other travelling students

When students leave the dusty lecture halls and campuses behind for the summer break, they take to other European cities to spend their holiday. Wherever you travel in Europe, you are bound to meet other travelling students enjoying the bountiful attractions of the old continent. Whether you're on a summer course, surf camp or at the hostel's happy hour, keep your eyes and ears open for new friendships! The more friends you make abroad, the more reasons you have for travelling again to meet them. 


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