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Students are the future - it's time to get them involved with your brand now! Become a benefit provider and get visibility on ISIC Nordics channels and in the ISIC App. The ISIC countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden have combined forces and are fully committed to getting the best results for your brand. We are here to help your business grow since we know the students better than anyone!


What we do? 

We connect your brand with the students, ensuring that your company gets awareness, growth, and conversions via ISIC - the only international student ID with more than 5 million student members globally. We strive to facilitate a better student life through student discounts, benefits, and tips & tricks on studying, travelling, job hunting, leisure, and much more. Today's generation is a curious citizen of the world, interested in self-development and international exchanges. They are currently building brand relations via ISIC, which can last their lifetime.


How can we help you? 

Let us communicate a discount or a benefit of your product or service to students via the ISIC App and our websites. Get extra visibility for your brand via the newsletter, push notifications, and social media. Share a link to your website via an article or guest post. Promote your product or service in one country, choose multiple country promotions in all the Nordic countries + The Netherlands or conquer the world with global ISIC network promotion in your selected countries.


Interested? Get in touch, we are open to all your ideas!  


Do not have an opportunity to provide a benefit? 

There are still plenty of opportunities to get visibility for your brand with ISIC: 

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 Do as many already do and join the club of brands working with ISIC! 

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