Make sure your important files are stored safely and securely in Livedrive - with ISIC you use Livedrive now 6 months for FREE!

Student discount at Livedrive cloud storage

Have you got stuff on your computer or device you don‚Äôt want to lose?ūüÜė

No worries, use your ISIC to get a student discount at Livedrive, and make sure your important files are stored safely and securely in Livedrive Cloud Backup Storage, from where you can restore them easily when needed!


Why Livedrive?

Online Storage
Livedrive makes it very easy to backup photos, documents, music and videos. Simply install the software on your computer and mobile devices, Livedrive automatically backs up your files to our secure online storage.

Instant access
Livedrive gives you instant access to all the files you've backed up, even on the go.

Easy recovery of backed up files
We keep the last 30 versions of the files you backed up. So if disaster strikes (device broken, stolen or if you accidentally deleted something), you can always restore and restore your latest version(s).

Military-grade security

Livedrive encrypts your data in transit and stores all backups in our UK data centres. These are certified according to ISO 27001, have three layers of physical access security and our team of experts monitors our data centres 24/7. Livedrive accounts also support two-factor authentication (2FA), which helps prevent unauthorised access to accounts, even if a malicious person gets a hold of your password.


With ISIC, you get now 6 month FREE trial on Livedrive! Log in and grab your unique discount code to use the student benefit.


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