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Student flight tickets with ISIC card

Icelandair, British Airways, SAS, Finnair, Emirates, TAP Portugal, Etihad, Qatar, South African Airlines, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines... is just few of the airlines offering exclusive student fares for ISIC cardholders. Make sure to check the student fares from ISIC's website before booking your flight as the student fares are not visible in common booking engines. 

In Iceland the youth and student tickets (young people up to 25 and students up to 33 years) are sold by KILROY and you can recognize them by the yellow colour in KILROY's flight booking engine. The tickets are cheap, flexible and ideal for a one way travel as well as longer journeys. Most student tickets' travel dates and even routes can be modified and the terms are in other ways more flexible than in standard tickets as well. Please prepare to type your ISIC number into the system.

Benefits of the student ticket:

• Validity of 12 months or even longer
• Flexibility to change your travel dates
• Cheap or free stopovers on the route
• Cheaper one-way tickets campared to regular tickets
• Advanced single journey combinations


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